Friday, August 26


The Future is Now?

The first year of Fr. Jenkins' presidency, the priests at Notre Dame are all wearing clericals again. This is ironic, because Fr. Jenkins himself was seldom a clericals-wearing sort of priest!

There's more. Word on the Quad is that the Holy Cross priests at Notre Dame are set to re-institute their cassock-like habit within the next 2-3 years.

The times, they are a'changing.

This picture is NOT of Notre Dame priests; we randomly Google-image searched the word "cassock."

A point of clarification: as stated above, they're not full-time in their cassock-like habits NOW. There's simply a rumor that they MIGHT be, in a few year's time. But it seems they're wearing standard collar/blackshirt clericals more now than in the past.

The younger fathers DO where their cassock-habit liberally on Feast days, like Our Lady of Sorrows (their patroness) or at Easter, etc.

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