Wednesday, August 17


A Find

In case you don't know, I'll tell you now: St. Vincent de Paul stores are one of the cheapest sources of Catholic books you'll find. This summer alone, I've obtained 4 different hard-cover editions of "Concilium"--for 40 cents total. That would have been about $75 from a bookdealer who knew what he was doing.

As the summer wore on, however, we noticed that many good books were stamped, "St. Mary's School." Guessing that St. Mary's had donated them to St. Vinny's, we called up St. Mary's: "Do you have any books you don't need?"

Did they. After getting clearance from the Principle, we walked away with two boxes full, including:
- $75 worth of books from the Vision series.
- Childrens' books on about 100 saints
- Tales of the Brothers Grimm
- And many more!

But perhaps the best find?
"Jesus, Son of Mary"
... signed on the first page, with a flourish, by "Fulton Sheen."

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