Monday, August 1


A blog by someone named Elizabeth notes:
"Today was great, it seems as if the day is brighter when you go to mass in the morning (as funny as it sounds.) I don't even mind being the only person at mass under the age of 40, the priest even made a comment before the end of mass about there being new people at there, probably not me though LOL. I can't remember his name, since he's only been at the church for about a month, and I am horrible with names. Although I guess he has some Catholic youth website that has Catholic/Christian music, I believe it is"

We're fortunate enough in my hometown that, despite a net population of 2,000 (and there are three churches in addition to the Catholic church) an average of 80 people come to daily Mass. And we're not the only ones under 40!

But the meat of what I liked about her post was simply her point about how the day is brighter when you go to Mass in the morning. I agree. I once heard a Catholic speaker say that he would never take a job that didn't allow him to attend daily Mass: at the time, I thought he was a fundamentalist wacko. After 4 years of daily Mass at Notre Dame, though, I can't think of anything I'd agree with more.

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