Monday, August 29


Agatha Christi Indult Lives?

Interesting news from Liturgia:

The "Agatha Christie Indult" was the first permission granted by the Papacy for the continued use of the Tridentine Mass after the publication of the 1970 Novus Ordo. The story is that a petition from a diocese in England was given to Paul VI requesting permission to continue using the Tridentine Mass; he looked through the petition without any particular reaction until seeing Agatha Christie's name among the signatures: exclaiming "Agatha Christie!", he grabbed a pen and signed the indult.

Interestingly, however, the indult granted use of the 1965 Missal, the Tridentine Mass as initially revised according to Vatican II.

Even more interestingly, that indult was not trumped by the Ecclesia Dei indult.

So, the Diocese of Westminister is the only diocese in the world authorized to celebrate what is essentially the Tridentine Mass in a venacular language.


Whether or not they do is a different question.

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