Sunday, August 21

Actions Ring Louder than Words?

I recently read the following:

Before the Vigil, the WYD Cross arrived in a procession. The pope then blessed a bell which will bear the name of John Paul II. On it was inscribed: “God I praise you, God I proclaim you. The Holy Father Benedict has consecrated me; I will be called John Paul II”. A youth began to ring the bell.

As I understood it, bells are named after saints. Now, a pope can do as he pleases; the pope celebrated Mass in Commemoration of a Virgin as St. Claire's funeral mass, for example. And indeed, I think it may be Fra Angelico who was defacto-sainted when he was declared patron saint of artists, despite being only a Blessed.

So it looks to me like Santo might be pretty subito: I'm sure they're going to do all the paperwork on JP2, but nonetheless, interesting.

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