Tuesday, July 26


To Boldly Worship as No-one Has Worshipped Before

Inspired by Speculative Catholic, this once-Trek fan presents his own 10 Signs Your Church Was Built By Starfleet:

1. The Roman Missal is replaced with a Photon Torpedo

2. Skeptical priest: I suppose they don't have money in the future, either.
Captain Kirk, passing the basket empty: They don't...

3. You discover ICEL was actually behind the change from boldly going "where no man has gone before" to "where no one has gone before."

4. While off-duty, Father starts walking around with the top 6 inches of his cassock unbuttoned.

5. "Captian, Fides et Ratio dictates..."

6. The "Return of Msgr. Spock" sparks... "The Wrath of Sr. Jean Kahn."

7. The Curia moves to San Francisco and begins ending all correspondance with a very abrupt, "the Vatican out."

8. The Host, successfully encased in transparent aluminium for Exposition, is greeted "Captain... There be Jesus here!"

9. Whenever the priest, deacon, subdeacon, and a red-cassocked server go ad altare Dei, you just know the red-cassocked server isn't going to make it back to the sacristy.

And, finally, #10, which I kept from the original list because it's so good:
The Ten Commandments now include the Prime Directive

Any others?

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