Monday, July 18


This Nightstand Is Boring

Mine looks nothing like it, and is more interesting (I think). In answer to Matt's tap, here it is. I even avoided the temptation to put more stuff on my nighstand before filling this out!

I have one nightstand. Upon it rests:
- An alarm clock that only goes off 33% of the time
- A lamp
- The schedule for my local Theology on Tap
- A bottle of Holy Water
- A Rosary made of Rose petals
- A whetstone to sharpen knives
- A jumpdrive
- "The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary"
- The Theological Dictionary of Rahner and Volgrimmer
- A Card from Lucy

The otherside of my bed, though, there is my dresser. Not a nightstand, but there's stuff on it!
- A resin Chinese statue of Buddha
- Roman chariot
- Icon of St. John the Baptist
- Five Olympiad medals from gradeschool

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