Sunday, July 17


So, Well, Thanks for Everything

Now, I'm not into telling Baptists how to run their ecclesial communities...

But surely, this is not how to do it.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has amended its stated purpose from this:

To bring Baptists together "in order that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread throughout the world in glad obedience to the Great Commission."

To this:

Our purpose is "to serve Christians and churches [sic] as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission."

I'm also not one to often agree with the Southern Baptists, but I do: "This represents the eclipse of Christ," as the article states.

As much as I have historically resisted the idea, it seems that increasingly the major divide in Christianity is no longer "Catholic vs. Protestant," but rather those who are entrhalled with and dependant upon the person of Jesus Christ and those who think the man's a fine inspiration for, well, whatever it is that they discover their God-given mission to be.

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