Thursday, July 21


So good or no good?

Ave Maria University Unveils New Design Plans of Oratory

The news story is in, but Ave's site appears to be down at the moment, so no pictures.

The good news:
"The Oratory will be a traditional, eastward-facing church with stone facades, a large rose window and a relief of the Annunciation over the main portals. The nave, flanked by side aisles to the north and south, culminates in a large semi-circular sanctuary, with a centrally located tabernacle and a grand, hanging crucifix. The nave roof is supported by a forest of 100-foot tall gothic-style arches. The roof ridge is a continuous skylight that admits light from above, creating a sacred and mysterious ambience to the church."
The not-so-good news:
"The architectural design of the Oratory was initially inspired by Fay Jones' famous Thorncrown Chapel, which I've always admired," said Monaghan.
So good or no good? Until the site is back up, your guess is as good mine, folks.

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