Thursday, July 21


Pope Benedict sports a restyled version of the zuchetto.

VALLE D'AOSTA 21 July (HW) --Pope Unveils new Zuchetto

Pope Benedict XVI made a daring sartorial move today when he made a public appearance in a newly restyled version of the zuchetto, a traditional papal hat. Only 3 months into his papacy, Pope Benedict is quickly becoming known for his unique take on vintage fashion. Benedict turned heads at his installation Mass when he debuted a stylishly retro pallium.

"It's a bold reconfiguration of Catholic wardrobe," said Catholic writer George Weigel of this lastest development, "a fashion timebomb set to go off sometime in the 21st century."

This updated look is seen by papal fashionistas as an attempt by Pope Benedict to be seen as "hip" in the wake of his youth-friendly predecessor. Gamarelli, the pope's preferred couturier, has released this latest collection just in time for the World Youth Day season. "We thought it was time to shake up the clerical fashion scene," said Fillip Gamarrelli, the proprieter. "This season, we'll be seeing alot more retro looks."

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