Sunday, July 17

"Madness--pazi ta design za potencialno slovensko ambasado v Washingtonu by 'Catholic Nerds' at the University of Notre Dame"!

The Slovenes have found out about my embassy. It's getting rather mixed results, more as a result of the extravagant style (someone asks if Mad King Ludwig has come back to life!) rather than the elaborate historical iconographic program. That being said I'm astonished it's held up as well as it has considering how little info on the nation I was able to get my hands on when I designed it. In real life, I would have done something smaller and cheaper, but when you're doing a theoretical thing with no budget, you really want to pull out all the stops.

For the record, the Ambassador thought it was pretty cool, and very Slovenian, though he didn't have time to look at it chamber-by-chamber, of course.

Update: Disturbing news about the mysterious lack of grape-juice in Slovenia.

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