Thursday, June 23


Votes for Laymen!

This is the sort of power I like to see go to the laypeople: a national association of Catholic musicians is asking which religious songs have touched your lived experience of the liturgy. The pope can appoint his own bishops, thanks, and they can do their duty without my interference (as long as they... do it). But this, this is the sort of imput I'd like to have.

Other people have no problem campaigning for their presidential candidate, so I have no problem trying to sway your vote:

Vote for Schubert's Ave Maria! It's so good! Traditional (not transient), Biblical, and it passes the 50% test.*

And of course, in gratitude for these growing civil rights for lay Catholics, be civil!

Vote here.

*The 50% Test: If a piece of liturgical music makes more reference to the worhsipper than God Himself, the worshipper ceases and desists singing said piece of music.

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