Thursday, June 23


Remember the "Danube Seven"?

In 2002, a group of seven women decided they would be ordained* into the Christian ministerial priesthood in a boat (?????) on the Danube river. You have to give them credit for knowing how to work PR: that nasty Catholic church, it might not be able to convince 90% of Europe to go to Mass on Sunday, but crap, apparently they forced us to perform our underground ceremony in international waters... um...

Anyway, BBC reports that they're back, present for the ordination of another woman.

Frankly, that's boring: the *interesting* part is that now the original seven women consider themselves to be BISHOPS. I wonder if they bothered to find someone in a mitre to go through the words, or if they gave themselves the promotion.

I also find it interesting that the very same group of people who usually argue in favor of women's ordination also argues that priests should only be ordained when needed, since somehow their "power" comes "from the community," so we shouldn't have priests who aren't pastors or bishops who aren't in charge of a diocese. Hmm.

*"Decided they would be ordained." This should sound ridiculous to you: "ordained" comes from "ordered" to service Christ by sharing in the responsibility and authority of His ministerial priesthood. And, YOU CAN'T ORDER YOURSELF, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT YOURS, OR GIVE YOURSELF AUTHORITY, no matter how nicely dressed-up the guy who is legitimating your fantasy might be.

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