Saturday, June 18


Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church On It's Way

I'm excited. For two years, I've been waiting for the Vatican to issue its abridged version of the Catechism. The reason is the obvious fact that, while theological subtle, the Catechism itself isn't really meant for the instruction of neophytes.

The compendium, then, is supposed to be 1/7 the size of the Catechism itself (so, figure, a little over 100 pages). It is supposed to be in Q&A format. While it retains the theological language of the Catechism, it is also in a deliberately more legible style.

In otherwords, the post-Conciliar era finally has it's Baltimore Catechism, and it was written by the man whom I trust most to write it.

I hope that it will prove to be very advantageous in the instruction of grade schoolers--since I hope to be teaching some this September.

According to Omnia Catholica, it should be here by June 28.

Of course, that Roman time. So...

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