Thursday, May 5


"There has been much learned discussion about the size of Unicorns. Some hold them to be about the size of polo ponies; others believe they are much smaller. As the Unicorn's method of killing elephants is to rip their bellies open with its sharp pointed horn, one assumes it must be small enough to charge underneath them. The Physiologus describes it as 'a small animal, but exceedingly strong and fleet,' while the author of the Cambridge Bestiary says that it is 'a very small animal like a [goat] kid' and that, on seeing the seated virgin, 'he soon leaps into her lap .... and embraces her, and hence, he gets caught.' This description is met with in many medieval authors, and one must conclude this wild, untameable beast must be pretty small; for even the most long-suffering virgin, with unswerving devotion to duty, might find a polo pony in her lap rather too much of a good thing."

--Rodney Dennys, Somerset Herald, The Heraldic Imagination, 1975

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