Thursday, April 14

Once again... Catholicism doesn't fit the mold

I was interviewed by Newsweek last week (!). You won't read anything about it, though.

Newsweek wanted me to be an angry conservative (I'm neither) or an angry liberal (I'm neither). My careful explanation that these terms really can't be applied to Catholicism which is rooted in the fullness of the Christian tradition was not what the reporter was looking for -- and I could tell it at the time, because by the end of the interview (after I'd refused to be attributed to a dumbed-down or simplistic stand on stem cells, the role of women, the next pope, etc.) she was audibly irritated. I think she quit when I mentioned "Eucharistic procession" and "Debt relief" in the same sentence... Why do those have to be irreconciliable? I can only envision them as part of the same "seamless garment," if you would.

By the time I hung up, I regretted giving the interview because it was clear she wanted someone who was upset and a rightie or a leftie, I knew I wasn't giving her what she was looking for: I just hoped she wouldn't make me look like either in her article. Fortunately, I was spared that unhappy fate.


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