Friday, April 22

Of... Bestsellers?

Cardinal Ratzinger's election has made him a best-selling author.

Here at Notre Dame, all of the bookstore's copies of his works sold the day of his election.

But, this is Notre Dame, so that's not so surprising.

MORE surprising: Pope Benedict is now the best-selling author in Germany. His works occupy SEVEN of the current top ten sellers:

1. Salz der Erde (Salt of the Earth)
2. Werte in Zeiten des Umbruchs (Values in Time of Upheaval)
3. Einfuhrung in das Christentum (Introduction to Christianity)
5. Aus meinem Leben (Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977)
6. Erklarung Dominus Iesus
7. Glaube, Wahrheit, Toleranz (Truth and Tolerance)
10. Skandaloser Realismus?

His latest work, Values in Time of Upheaval, is already sold out, with publishers Herder planning a reprint of 20,000 to follow the initial 3,000 copies."

Source: BBC News.

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