Monday, February 21

Romanis Civis Sum, or Something Like That

The School of Architecture here at Our Lady's university recently had its yearly Expo Roma, where senior arkies (such as yours truly) invite their parents up to see exhibits of their projects from their year abroad in Rome, slide shows of their adventures around the Italian boot and hob-nob with their professors. I was one of the people running the Foyer Decorations Committee, and so helped with the design of the big backdrops which we hung up in the lobby representing, variously, a Roman cafe, and also the piazza in front of S. Maria della Pace near Piazza Navona. I did the preparatory drawings for the backdrops and some of the detail work of the actual painting, including the scale figures in the cafe. Some examples of the work, taken by my lovely and talented mother.

The author and his father in front of a quintessentially Roman cafe. Note the painting in the background by the author of the (also quintessentially Roman) sleazy carabineri.

Santa Maria della Pace. (Compare with the original!)

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