Monday, February 14

Oh, that's a Great Idea

"There's been K Street chatter, our colleague Jeffrey H. Birnbaum tells us, that Lieberman could be on an administration list to replace Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld in the next year or so."

This isn't a poltical blog, but I had to comment. It's awkward enough that all the terrorists which we've identified are Muslim. It does give opportunity for people to have the impression that we are waging war on Islam; obviously, we're not -- some brands of militant Islam are waging war on us. But the appearance is, none the less, awkward and demands tact and precision, so that we don't give the impression that Islam itself is the problem or the target. Unnecesary or wrongfully polarizing actions really need to be avoided. So, tell me... where's the wisdom in appointing the nation's most prominant Jewish leader to head the war against Islamic terrorism?

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