Wednesday, February 2

Of Mary, Nothing is Sufficient!
or, "If St. Louis Monfort and I had 'restored' the Roman Calendar"

My roommate and I were talking about good choirs and when it was important to have them. I opined that they are most important for Christmas and Marian feast days... to which he responded, "Easter?"

The following is my solution:

What was... -----> Is now....
Easter ----------> Feast of Our Lady of the Resurrection
Christ the King --> Mary, the Mother of Christ the King
------------------> (Or, Mary, the Queen-Mother)
Lateran Basilica --> Mary Major Basilica
Chair of Peter ----> Chair of the Prince of Our Lady's Son's Apostles
Corpus Christi ---->Still Corpus Christi, but with lots of Mary statues
Holy Thursday ---> Our Lady of the Eucharist
Trinity Sunday ---> Mary, Tabernacle of the Trinity Sunday
Pentecost --------> Mary, Spouse of the Spirit Descendant
Ascension --------> Feast of the Event-People-Confuse-with-the-Assumption Thursday

Note to Fr. Pusey & fellow alarmists: Don't take this too seriously...

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