Friday, February 18

I Find this Trend Amusing

It seems that the Vatican has decided that bishops who make a big stir with very controversial Cathedral renovations will pay the price in their ecclesial after-life.

The trend, as far as I know, started with Archbishop Weakland's replacement by the epitomy of the very "smiling conservatives" the Milwaukee chancery informed the press they would never accept -- Archbishop Dolan.

Now it seems that Archbishop Flores, who cause a very significant uproar in his renovation of San Antonio's cathedral (formerly the oldest continually-operating sanctuary in the United States, but that title has probably been lost now that the actual sanctuary no longer houses the altar), has been replaced by Archbishop Gomez. According to NCR, Gomez is associated with Opus Dei, and is already a (long-shot) candidate for cardinal. More information on Gomez can be found here.

I just wonder if liturgical design consultants will start including "future cessation of diocese to conservative bishop" under their list of "project costs..."

This is the current status of San Antonio's Cathedral

This is the pre-renovation Cathdral; less nice art, more traditional lay-out

This, however, was the original plan which ticked off so many conservatives and likely caused the controversy which sent a flurry of angry letters to the Vatican -- and, I posit, resulted in the choice of Gomez

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