Sunday, February 20

I find THIS even MORE amusing

The term Protestant resulted from the summit at Augsburg between the Lutherans, the Catholics, and the Emperor. The Lutherans protested some of the proceedings, and henceforth the term "protestant" was born.

This site, however, informs me that, in addition to being big fans of the Rosary, Lutherans are not Protestant.

"Lutherans have retained the historic liturgy and doctrines of the church catholic (i.e. the "universal" church), maintain the holy sacraments as means of grace (including the Real Presence of Christ in Holy Communion), profess the ancient creeds, and follow the church year. At the same time Lutherans profess the gospel of justification by faith and the firm belief in the scriptures as the sole measure of our knowledge of God and His plan for our salvation. For these reasons Lutherans can be said to be both Protestant and Catholic and yet neither Protestant nor Catholic. This is the nature of a middle way between the two."

Never mind that, since at least either the Protestants or the Catholics are wrong, drawing a middle path between them is a compromise with error at best, and a mishmash of two erroneous systems at worst.

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