Monday, February 7

Current voting stats:

The Whapping is ahead in Best Presentation, 58-51, against the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club blog. (Sorry, folks. But we did meet His Eminence and got him to sign you guys' tee shirt.)

The Whapping is ahead in Best Group Blog, 63-62, against Catholic Ragemonkey. (We should also start a category for strangest name, since I think we're both very good contenders...)

The Whapping is in second place, 54-69, against the Curt Jester, for Most Creative. (If we do not get more votes in this particular race, I may be forced to do something truly horrible and inflict some more of my poetry on you you really want that?)

The Whapping is in (somewhat more distant) second place, 48-85, against Fr. Bryce in Most Bizarre. (As I have said before, I think we present a much sort of weirdness, sorry, Father).

The Whapping is in (very distant) third place for Most Humorous after Fr. Bryce and the Curt Jester, who are neck and neck, and also in Best Overall after Fr. Bryce and Amy Welborn. (No way we can compete here against the titans of the Blogosphere...but we can dream...)

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