Tuesday, January 11

New Blog!

I recently got an email from a Catholie youth director who has started a great blog, "Catholic, Young, and Minister." I'm particularly interested in her blog because I was very involved with youth ministry during high school (and probably will be again once I graduate and get back into parish life), but was also very frustrated with the politics that go on in parish life.

In a parish Confirmation class, one can end up with everyone from homeschooled latinists to the kids who keep sneaking off to smoke/make out/etc. (not to mention the homeschooled latinists who keep sneaking off...), and knowing what to do with these kids is a challenge, to say the least. Not to mention dealing with their parents. Not to mention the low pay.

So anyway, check out her blog. I think it will resonate with anyone who's been involved with youth groups, or in parish politics in general.

P.S. If anyone out there has a youth program that really works, I'd sure be interested to hear about it.

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