Monday, January 24


More Queen Christina: Funny, I just discovered Greta ("I vonn to be alone") Garbo was in a 1933 movie called Queen Christina directed by a chap named Rouben Mamoulian. Naturally, it's about everyone's favorite uppity woman of baroque Rome, though, sadly, the whole thing deals with her Swedish period. The plot looks like utter historical rubbish and the whole Catholicism thing seems to have fallen through a crack in the floorboards (she abdicates to marry the Spanish ambassador!), but, then, given that poor Chris looked more like Max Klinger than a thirties starlet (mascara being scarce in 1620s Stockholm), one can't expect too much from Mamoulian and co. Also, the flea cannon is conspicuous by its absence.

And...Garbo? Huh? Why couldn't they have cast Ingrid? She's Swedish, isn't she?

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