Wednesday, January 19

Last night, at precisely 9:19 PM, the sacristy of the Children of Mary has passed a milestone in its existence. (Well, maybe I exaggerate a little). We are now the proud possessor of a beautiful--though slightly worn--violet fiddleback chasuble which will adorn our solemn masses throughout Advent and Lent. eBay has an amazingly good range of antique vestments for sale at ridiculously low prices. Especially if you're in the market for black ones. I highly recommend any priest with an interest in liturgical beauty (coughcoughFatherBryceandDonJimcoughcough) to browse through at any given time and give some thought to restoring some of the unjustifiably cast-off bits of our Catholic heritage to sacristies too familiar with polyester. (This is not to say that modern vestments are all anathema, but when the budget will allow, think about getting the best for Our Lord, like Solomon did). A beautiful new vestment (costing often into the thousands of dollars) is often far too expensive for many Catholic parishes, but many of these second-hand ones are surprisingly well-preserved or within reach of sartorial rescue by a parish maiden with thread and needle.

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