Wednesday, January 26


It's so easy!

"Your life has a special purpose, even if that purpose and a plan to achieve it are not yet clear to you."

"In Pray and Be Rich, Dr. Briley unlocks the Bible’s secrets about wealth, its use and abuse."

"Pray and Be Rich is based on years of Dr. Briley’s research and life experiences. Within the Bible he discovered a pattern of distinctive principles about success – found in the Bible and nowhere else."

I'm at a loss as to what to call this. Gnostic materialism? It has all the earthly short-sightedness of Liberation Theology, but none of the Marxist concern for others -- all the predestination of Calvinism without any of its level-headed gloominess. It turns out the purpose of life is to be happy forever in this life, I guess. Poor monastics.

"In frequent prayer, visualize yourself as a success, enjoying the substance of things hoped for and reaping the rewards of *****your work*****. Do NOT, as many mistakenly do, picture yourself doing the work itself. Focus on the end, not the process. See the result, not the routine, or you may discourage yourself by making the effort seem tiresome."

Apparently, monetary salvation is not by faith ALONE....

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