Friday, July 25


Santiago Triumphing over the Enemies of the Faith,
18th Century Spanish Colonial Painting

Saint James the Greater, a Jesuit and...uh...Dog-Face

A happy and blessed Feast of St. James the Greater to all of St. Blog's! You can read all about the Pilgrimage to Santiago here. Bl. Rudolph Aquaviva is commemorated as well today, one of the Jesuit Martyrs of Cuncolim hacked to death outside Goa, India, in 1583. In addition to those two, today is also the feast of St. Christopher, who, contrary to popular belief, was not decanonized in 1969, but restricted to local calendars. Admitted, some of the Mediaeval legends about him were pretty wild. Like that, and I am not making this up here, people, he was one of a race of giants with dog's heads, and thus surnamed Cynecephalos, or dog-head by the Greeks. (If you think that's weird, lemme tell you about the bizarre and fortunately-extinct folk cultus of "St." Guinefort, who seems to have been a greyhound. But perhaps some other time). Still, the core of his story, that of the Christ-bearer, Christo-Phoros still has a great deal of resonance, and I think, reality to it. So keep him on your dashboard, people!

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