Wednesday, July 30


The rite of Canonical Humiliation, a particularly arcane Preconciliar ritual, as celebrated by
Father Crilly and Bishop Len Brennan, but mostly just Crilly

The Roman Pontifical that was in force until the 1960s included such exotic and fascinating rites as the bestowal of the Cross on Crusaders, the coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor, and the canonical degradation of wayward bishops. This last one is demonstrated in the picture above with the gracious assistance of Fr. Ted Crilley of Craggy Island, Ireland. (I'm kidding, and just watch that crazy TV show, it takes too long to explain). Anyway, this new Archivum Liturgicum has all sorts of fun stuff like that presented in a high-quality format, and is a weirdly charming mix of English, Latin and Italian, very Catholic. It also has the Martyrology, the old Roman Ritual and all that good stuff. Now only if I knew Latin.

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