Wednesday, July 30

Dan's final post in absentia

Mary in the Redemption by Adrienne von Speyr:
Mary from the Perspective of a Twentieth-Century Mystic -- Part VIII

According to Balthasar, “few writers today are able to arouse a sense of standing before the unfathomable greatness of God as well as Adrienne von Speyr” (8). Mary in the Redemption is a perfect example of this. Von Speyr takes up some of the most difficult theological ideas possible, places them within a mystical framework and explains them. She then goes on to posit them in such new and inspiring ways that it is hard for the reader not to sit in awe. It should seem as no coincidence based on this work that her friend Balthasar named one of his major theological projects the “Theo-Drama.” Von Speyr herself, in her life and in her theological reflections, truly makes theology into a drama. It becomes exciting and dramatic to read, to reflect on, to write about, and, most importantly, to pray with and about. There is little more that one can ask from any Catholic theology, and von Speyr’s Mariology exemplifies it to the fullest extent possible.

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