Friday, October 8


An Edifying Way to Waste Time

I have become a tremendous fan of the Institute for Catholic Culture and its amazing online library of recorded lectures, on all conceivable topics from Irish history to the French Revolution and the Reconquista. One of my favorite speakers is the engaging, erudite and frequently hilarious Dr. Brendan McGuire, who just finished a series on the medieval papacy, which is both substantive and quite fun to listen to. It's a bit like listening to the muppet Rowlf the Dog channeling Lord Kenneth Clark. (That's a good thing.) One favorite quote: "That's why the Emperor Constantine presided over the Council of Nicaea in golden robes like he was... Michael Jackson or something." (Too soon?) Some of his descriptions of interactions between various Christian and Muslim potentates during the reconquest of Spain verge on sounding like Bob Newhart telephone routines. You can find pieces by him, and many other speakers here. Enjoy!

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