Tuesday, August 12


Pio Nono Baptist Church

Fr. Phillips, of Our Lady of the Atonment, notes in the combox at Fr. Longnecker's Standing on My Head:
I've heard of a Pio Nono Baptist Church, which I think is someplace in Georgia -- it's on Pio Nono Avenue. Also, I believe there is a Vatican Baptist Church in Vatican, Louisiana.
Consider my mind blown.

Incidentally, where I'm from in Florida, storefront churches with more words in their name than members are not unknown. Lamb's Holiness Temple Something Something Something. (I suppose it's no worse than the Archbasilica of Our Saviour and SS. John the Baptist and Evangelist at the Lateran.) Another curiosity was a place known, in those dark days before automatic spell-check, as the "Apolastic" Church. Also, Primitive Baptist churches with "saint" names are not uncommon there, though I'm a little baffled as to one dedicated to a "St. Rosa." Perhaps, among them, popular canonization has returned?

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