Thursday, August 28


Kitsch, Not Just for Catholics Anymore!

The (London) Times online offers their list of the top 20 items of religious kitsch. And while the He'brew (long known and loved by Whapster Dan, incidentally) and Hindu God finger puppets (by the makers of the Pope Innocent III action figure) certainly have their own unique, um, charm, I'm going to have to go with the home team on this one and vote for the BVM USB drive as my personal favorite. I mean, come on, Her heart glows when you're saving data!

Of course, the Whapsters' perennial favorite pieces of kitsch would have to be the Popener and apparition ties.

So, click on over to the Times and have a look, just don't come back here claiming I said any of it was in good taste. On the other hand, do come back to share your own favorite pieces of kitsch!

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