Saturday, May 29

Blessed Embertide!

"Ember days" are the Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays after S. Lucia Day (Winter), after Ash Wednesday (Spring), after Pentecost (or Whitsunday, Summer), and after the Exaltation of the Cross (Fall). They therefore correspond to the natural seasons of the year.

They are days of fasting and prayer which date to the ancient Church, and mark her official recognition of the changing of the seasons. They were surpressed by the New Missal, for reasons I cannot understand beyond the fact that they were extremely cool.

Proposition: There is certainly enough in the world to merit our offering of fasting: our personal sinfullness, the sins of the children of our Holy Church, the need for peace across the world, the conversion of so many nations, the fight for respect of life...

Perhaps the good parishioners of St. Blog's could offer Our Lord and Lady the gift of Ember Day fasts the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Pentecost this year? What say ye?

Perhaps it's good they are no longer obligatory, because so many people would simply ignore them in reality of today's situation. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate them!

For more on Ember Days, follow this link from the Boston Indult Community.

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