Tuesday, November 25

If for no other reason, it would be worth being a Philo major for our advisor's emails alone. Here are some highlights from this semester:

"I have a lot of pesky non-majors trying to crash our courses. I know, you're thinking that I shouldn't give them the time of day. But, dear ones, we must have mercy on the unenlightened."

"Since, unlike St. Martin de Porres, I cannot (I don't think) bi-locate, this presents a certain problem."

"Remember that there are a lot of freshmen and sophomores out there who would be much happier as philosophy majors than they are now -- even though they might not yet realize this fact about themselves. Take the time to talk with them and befriend them and invite them into the fold. Your reward will be great in Malloy Hall and in my mind (though not in your pocketbook).

(On the other hand, there are some of you out there spreading nasty, vicious rumors, e.g., that the Logic course is intolerably difficult. How do you expect us to get more philosophy majors if you tell them the ...... er, I mean, if you spread nasty, vicious, rumors?)"

"For even though a mother would not forget the child of her womb, directors of undergraduate studies have been known to forget their advisees."

"Now, all together, "Thank you, Professor F, for taking the initiative to compensate for our negligence! You're welcome. Have a nice day. :--)"

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