Saturday, July 26

A post! For our visitors!

I was hoping to write a post today on what makes blessed items different from non-blessed items. But I have a sociology paper to write for next week, so I don't have the time. INSTEAD, I was thinking that OUR READERS could write this post for me :) Please post your thoughts on the following, the more involved the better! I think it would be interesting to have a few "forum discussion posts;" let's see how well this works.

Now, of course we know the basic definition of blessed sacramentals: "special prayers, actions, or objects, the use of which obtains spiritual benefits through the prayers of the Church to God."

But what I'm looking for is more of a reaction to this given, or a way to view this definition in a wider context. Sort of like, "what does it mean, really?" How can we expand on this understanding of "blessings" to better grasp what it means?

Ex. What practical difference does the praying of the Rosary on blessed beads have from the use of non-blessed beads? What makes blessed or non-blessed beads different? What has the Church's blessing done to them, and how can this action be understood in a wider context?

Rosary beads are just an example and commenters needn't restrict themselves to the example.

I have my own thoughts on this, which I'll post in the comment box eventually.

Two provisos: (1) The discussion should ever strive to be in union with the mind of the Church. (2) No posts which incorrectly and rashly cry "heretic!" will be tolerated. They will either be deleted or answered with another Tridentine decree. I catechized myself on those decrees; I will do it if necesary ;)

Please -- share your thoughts!

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