Sunday, April 6


FAQ: Joining a Doomsday Cult

Dear Shrine,

I'm thinking about joining a doomsday cult. Any advice?

Nope, not really. But Scott Adams has some:

"If you ever decide to join a cult, the first thing you should ask about is the quality of their doomsday cave. A poorly constructed cave could kill you, and that would take most of the fun out of doomsday.

You should also look for a cult leader who has some specificity about the exact doomsday date. Otherwise you’re just sitting in a cave for an extra month for no good reason.


Reportedly, there are a number of other doomsday cults in Russia. I wonder if they have some sort of convention. I can imagine rows of vendor booths for white robes, hair clippers, and canned food. I suppose there would also be a cave realtor or two."

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(Did anyone else know there was a Dilbert blog?)

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