Sunday, October 7


Our Lady of Victory, as always, comes through


This time, she saved the Fighting Irish from the longest losing streak in their history. Say what you want about injured QBs, Notre Dame looked, (well, sounded, as my local affiliate elected not to carry the game) like a totally different team tonight. Even setting the big plays, such as Maurice Crum's 34-yard TD return aside, the offense proved that they can actually manage to move the ball down the field. Given the team's steady rate of improvement throughout this half of the season, I'm finding myself actually looking forward to watching the duration (and maybe they'll even carry it on local TV, this time). This is hardly going to make a season fans will look back on fondly, but perhaps that dull ache in their guts will finally abate. Since this seems to be the season for it, I'm looking for an upset against BC next weekend. Hope is, after all, a virtue. Though after the epic Fall of Troy* tonight, the Irish might want to pay a little more attention that they normally would to the Stanford game. Just a thought.

Here come the Irish, finally!

(And, of course, Remember Lepanto!)

*props to my headline writer.

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