Tuesday, July 3


Dappled Things - Summer Edition, Now in Print!

One final post before I cut my cybernetic umbilical cord, but I wanted all and sundry to know the joyful news that Dappled Things is, at long last, in print! Subscribers will soon be receiving their copies, filled with quality prose, poetry and art--including bonus materials you won't find on our website! This quarter's edition features a bouquet of Catholic authors and notables--Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and Michael D. O'Brien among them--revealing what work of literature has had the most profound effect on them, a dazzling poem by a promising new author about the Spartan sacrifice at the Battle of Thermopylae; a meditation on Botticelli's unattainable women; and new art by painter Whitney Wolf. And for those of you interested in the continuing saga of the Motu Proprio, you might want to drop in to our archives and read up on the eastward position of the priest--mass said ad orientem--that is such a large part of the old rite and ought to be part of the new. In any case, come and see!

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