Monday, October 9


A New Edition of Dappled Things!

I continue to be impressed by the caliber of the work appearing these days in Dappled Things, the literary magazine for Catholic young adults on whose editorial board I have served since earlier this year. (In the interests of full disclosure, I kind of have to tell you that.) You'll be glad to hear about the publication of the Mary, Queen of Angels 2006 issue, which, as always, features stories, poems, essays, artwork, and photographs from Catholics ages 18 to 35 around the world.

A few pieces worth looking at this go-round include "Refiner's Fire" by Shannon Berry, an intense and intimately personal essay about the trials of prayer and discernment; a lovely handful of elegant poems about the little things in life from a more cosmic and Catholic angle, including "African Angelus," "Little Hours," and "Ordinary Time," and a bit of yours truly's own line art depicting Pope St. Gregory the Great on his throne.

You can find all of these pieces and more from the Mary, Queen of Angels 2006 issue, as well as archived issues, submission instructions, and the Dappled Things forums, at

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