Wednesday, February 1


Having Yet More Fun at the Expense of Dan Brown

Some months ago, we followed the advice of Amy the Fair and decided to take the hoopla beginning to encompass the upcoming release of Lose Weight the Templar Way--oops, I mean The Da Vinci Code and turn it to our advantage by doing an MST3K-ing of the film stills then out. It strikes me as worth repeating. (For MST3K, see here.)

And now, without further ado...

This is either the worst motivational lecture ever, or Dr. Faustus's annual What I Did On My Summer Vacation presentation.

"But why would the Masons disguise it as a greenhouse? Think, Tom, think!"

"There it is, Sir Lea, Leonardo da Vinci's priceless prototype iPOD."

"Tom, what is the Priory of Sion doing on the set of Babylon 5?"

Apparently a scene from the tie-in Metamucil commercial.

"Aha, Audrey! You think you can get just walk out and escape out of the clutches of the great Bishop Aringosa! Welll...that's why we installed (Dramatic Chord) THE IMMERSION FONT!"

It seems even the sacred feminine hits the glass ceiling from time to time.

" long last, the goal of my quest...the secret entrance to Club Technochocolate."

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