Saturday, October 1


An Awesome Catholic Tradition

At the Basilica after John Paul the Great's death, the rector put a large portrait of the pontiff on display--along with one of his white papal skull caps.

In fact, Notre Dame has skull caps from Paul VI, Piux XII, and, I believe, Pius X (in addition to the tiara of Pius IX). How'd they do that?

The tiara, I can't explain. But anyone having a private audience with the Pontiff can, beforehand, stop by Gamerelli and purchase a white zuchetto. Then, at the audience, if you present it as a gift to the pope, he will give you the one he is currently wearing.

Actually, John XXIII tried to end the practice, and just started keeping both the old and new zuchettos. So I'm glad to see that Benedict is keeping it up, because it's one of those uber-cool things Catholics do. In fact, traditionally, brides have used papal zuchettos to secure their bridal veils at weddings.

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