Sunday, May 8

Well, L'Affaire du Tiara Perdu has finally come to a concusion, and I think one which is more satisfying than appears at first conclusion. Archbishop Montezemolo's rather idiosyncratic work of heraldic art has finally gotten official billing on the Vatican website--though, as Fr. Guy insists, the Sala Stampa has yet to officially say anyhting in the subject, but, and here's the fun part, it looks like, as some of us suspected, they will not be the only official version permitted by the Vatican.

You see, in the middle of all this armorial hoopla, the Pope blessed a new flag for the Papal Swiss Guards which shows the new papal arms very clearly without the pallium and with the tiara. The photograph of the ceremony is indistinct, but the video on has a nice close-up of the corner in which Benedict XVI's insignia is displayed. (Click on the link on the left-hand side of this article for the video). Frankly, I think this is the best solution to the imbroglio, as it currently stands. I'm not adverse to the mitre's limited heraldic use by the Papacy; John Paul II did it too. I hope both options get equal air time--and the new mitre (which, if it's drawn a bit better, might be kinda cool) doesn't overshadow the old tiara.

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