Thursday, May 5

Well, I just finished my last final exam of this, my second-to-last year as a Notre Dame architecture student. I would love to savor the moment but unfortunately a pressing need to attend to laundry and packing spoils the sentimentality of the moment. For those of you living in the Greater South Bend Metropolitan Area (no comment), you will be pleased to know I will be residing on the sacred soil of Indiana for most of this summer, working as an intern for Duncan L. Stroik, LLC, who, of course, needs no introduction to this crowd. (By the way, if you're reading, Professor, tanti auguri on the new baby!) Here's his webpage, for your edification.

And no, while I think they're pretty cool, I will not be wearing the architect's signature wardrobe item, the bow tie. Not yet. That comes later. I think it's part of the licensing exam. You can get suspended by the AIA if you're wearing a bow-tie under false pretenses.

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